Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 in 25: A six-month update

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So today is my half-birthday. I don't typically celebrate such things, but since I made a "25 in 25" list for this year, I thought I'd post a little update on how I'm doing. Here we go:

1. Become debt-free
2. Get a DLSR and learn how to use it
3. Visit a new city
(Pittsburgh, and I'm going to Baltimore and Martinsburg, WV next month!)
4. Lead-climb the arch route at the Audubon (I've top-roped it about a quarter of the way up so far)
5. Build up three to six months’ worth of emergency living expenses
6. Pick out an engagement ring. Make up yo damn mind!
7. Start a savings account/fund for Matt's and my wedding
8. Visit all three of my sisters at least once (One in South Carolina, one in Bowling Green, Ohio, and one in Athens, Ohio)
9. Get at least one of the tattoos on my list (In light of the engagement, I'm thinking this probably won't happen. More important things to use my money for...see numbers 5 and 7!)
10. Finish up my ear piercings (Another I'm thinking of scrapping...the two I got in May took ages to heal!)
11. Go white water rafting
12. Get furniture that I’m not embarrassed of (Priorities: couch, bed frame)
13. Lead-climb a 5.9 route at the Red River Gorge (or I guess the New River Gorge)
14. Do a 5k (Color Run in July--so fun!)
15. Do more “pay it forward” stuff
16. Visit the Columbus Zoo
17. Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory
18. See at least one of my favorite bands perform live
19. Go to the ballet
20. Go to the symphony
21. Learn to sew
22. Sample more of Columbus' independently owned restaurants and bars
23. Beef up my camping gear (Priorities: backpack, hiking boots, sleeping pad)
24. Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourginon
25. Learn to moon-walk!

Oof. Looks like I have some work to do in the next six months! Did you make a __ in __ list on your last birthday? How are you doing on it?


  1. you did so good! That's awesome! Many big things crossed off!!


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