Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to the alley

Yes, warm weather is finally making a comeback here in Ohio, after what felt like the most brutal winter in my personal memory and what started out as the dreariest spring. Don't get me wrong, we're still getting plenty of those spring showers, but at least the temps are helping facilitate outdoor shoots again. Actually, I have three outfits hanging in my closet to re-shoot on days that don't involve copious amounts of rain, but I'm hoping to tackle those this weekend.



shirt: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
cardigan: thrifted
skinnies, flats: Target

So anyway, here I am back in the good ol' alley behind my house. Recycling bins and weird looks from neighbors included. I DGAF, I'm just happy for sunshine and days that are conducive to being outside, regardless of whether I'm shooting for the blog, riding Perdita, or just sitting on the porch eating dinner.

Are you experiencing similar joy at the better-late-than-never arrival of spring this year? How are you celebrating its return?


  1. you look awesome!! Also your hair! Looking fabulous. Well done you!
    I condone this alley way photography 100% I recommend wine, as per the sydney tradition

  2. Same here. Winter lasted forever. I'm still suspicious that Spring is playing a trick on us. Nice shirt, btw; I love that feminine style.

  3. Thanks! I've found that drinking during alleyway photoshoots can be a bit troublesome, as I shoot alone and have to rush to move all my junk out of the way if a car comes along. #bloggerproblems haha

  4. Right?! I keep expecting one of these 70- or 80-degree days to be like, "JK, it's only gonna hit 45. Have fun with that!" And thank you :) This is one of my favorite shirts right now!


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