Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy, tornado-y, frumpy and butts.

Disclaimer: I totally meant to get this post up after work yesterday, but first I had to take Perdita out for a test ride with her new battery, and then there was thunder, and as soon as I got home the tornado sirens went off. I'm absolutely petrified of tornadoes, so I kind of went into crisis-mode and started moving all our valuables and Spazzy (in her carrier) down to the basement. It turned out to be nothing, but by the time it was over all I could think about was unwinding with a giant glass of wine and a Game of Thrones mini-marathon. So, without further ado, here's the post I had started:

Random title, I know. But this rain, amiright? Sorry. I hate relying on weather for post fodder, but it's such a convenient thing to write about. Weather is literally ALWAYS happening. And lately it's been pretty intense around these parts. Columbus hasn't seen quite as much action as northern Ohio, which got some major flooding. I even saw a friend's Facebook post showing the interior of a Macy's that was six inches deep in flood water! It just so happens that one of my bridesmaids and most of my immediate family live up there, but everyone's doing okay so far, thank goodness.



blouse: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
blazer: Express via DFWh
skirt: Forever 21
flats: Target

I have to admit, I think I felt better about this outfit while I was wearing it than now that I'm seeing it in photos. I felt very polished and trendy -- mint, stripes, animal print -- but it kind of looks frumpy to me. Except for my butt. Case in point:

BAM! Seriously. Dat ass doe.

Okay but for real. Does that ever happen to you guys? An outfit seems great all day, then you see it in pictures and just kind of think ehhh....notsomuch. Please say I'm not alone!


  1. *sigh* Damn, girl... you're cuter than a kitten.
    It takes guts to show one's butt. I keep taking pictures of mine and then deciding at the last minute not to post them. As much as I believe my friends like me, I fear that's crossing a line that will cause a mass-exodus. You, of course, get away with it.

  2. LOL this post title. Girl you are funny. And hell yeah you look good. That outfit is AMAZING.

  3. Thank you! You should definitely show your butt. Is it weird if I say I'd love to see it? Haha! And oh man, I only post the butt-pics that look good...I've probably deleted about a million that look terrible :)


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