Monday, June 30, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: June

I'm not gonna lie, I'm exhausted from this weekend (we went to the New River Gorge and didn't get home/to sleep until almost 2 a.m. Sunday night/this morning--pictures and stories to come!) and pretty much computered out (from work and post-work freelance work), so I'm keeping this post short. I did fine on this month's budget in that I stayed under my $100 limit by about $5, but not so fine in that I made a rather unwise purchase.


1. Lace Pinup Fitted Dress from Lily Boutique. I originally pinned a dress from this store to buy as a wedding rehearsal/bridal shower dress, but it sold out. So when I saw this one, I snapped it right up. Who cares if I have to wait nine or ten months to wear it? | $48 (with shipping) {exact}

2. Merona Crossbody Bag from Target. I've been wanting a crossbody bag for a while; my old hobo-esque one was killing my shoulder. | $27 {exact, now on sale}

3. This was the unfortunate purchase. I bought a CrowdSavings deal for a "Swarovski Elements Trio Set." Originally $200, it was a "limited time only" sale for $20. When it arrived, I realized what I should have known all along; this is no Swarovski set. This is what I got:


Uh, yeah. Obviously, I'm trying to return the set, and I've reported the original seller (a website called eFizzle) to Swarovski for marketing knockoff jewelry as Swarovski-brand. Worst-case scenario, I've lost 20 bucks and gained a valuable lesson. Best-case scenario, I get my money back and a valuable lesson. You get what you pay for!

How did you on your June budget? Here's hoping your purchases were more savvy than my dud :)


  1. What a bummer! I really hope you get your money back! The stock picture is so pretty but what you received doesn't quite cut it. I love your purse and dress picks though.

  2. I know, right? Still, you get what you pay for. Hopefully my mistake will help prevent someone else from doing the same!

  3. Ohhh no! I'm sorry about the shopping mishap-yuck! The bag is fantastic though! Excellent score.
    I"m feeling pretty good about my shopping habits of late. I donated a huge garbage bag full of clothes to the Uber Swap event I'm going to this weekend and I haven't set foot in a thrift store in two weeks! Big accomplishment for miss but-it's-so-cheap-i'll-just-buy-it

  4. Nice! Hooray for conscious shopping!


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