Monday, June 9, 2014

Copycat style: Purple & polka dots

(Yes, short post today, but check back later this evening for an update on wedding dress shopping this weekend, if you're interested in that sort of thing. There will be pictures.)





blouse: thrifted
blazer: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
skirt: The Limited
flats: Target

So I was inspired to re-create this outfit, originally worn by Ashley of The Cream To My Coffee, the second I saw it on her blog. Part of it was the fact that I knew I had all the pieces to do so, but mostly it was just a cool-looking combination that I was excited to try. In retrospect, I'm wishing I had added my thin black belt to the skirt, or untucked a little of the shirt to spill over the waistband. Oh, well.

Unfortunately, the zipper on this skirt broke shortly after I wore this. Well, it didn't so much "break" as "get caught in the material next to the zipper, tear it to shreds and basically become inseparable from it." I'm debating whether I want to remove the zipper and try to sew in a new one. Has anyone tried this? Is it hard?


  1. Unfortunately, if it's an invisible zipper, those are a bear trying to replace. But I do love the skirt, and that has a lot to do with if the time and effort is worth it! I like that the gray really lets the skirt pop!

  2. I think it's semi-invisible? Ugh. Maybe I'll just start the hunt for a new one, haha. I'm still pretty much a novice with my sewing machine. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. When you wear a blouse and pencil skirt, you are the epitome of feminine beauty. More so than when others wear the same clothes. I've long admired your ability to carry off this look and, even more than admiration, you inspire me.
    After searching for weeks, I just bought a white blouse with black stitching-decoration, to be paired with a simple black pencil-skirt. I did a dress-rehearsal this morning and gasped... I almost look like Emma! Almost is fine; being in the ballpark suffices. You'll see the outfit tomorrow or the next day. Remember that you inspired it. Thank you for that.

  4. Aww, thank you so much! Your kind words always flatter me. I can't wait to see your outfit!!!


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