Monday, July 14, 2014

A not-so-triumphant return

Alas, I had hoped I would have better photos to share once I returned from my self-imposed blogging hiatus. For some weird reason, I've been having issues with focus on self-photography lately, and a lot of the shots I'm getting turn out unfocused. Which I don't realize until I upload them, because my camera screen is tiny and (I suspect) fairly low-res.



shirtdress: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
hat: H&M
gladiator sandals, bracelets: Target

I did manage to get one in-focus shot (perhaps not coincidentally, it was one where my "focus marker" tripod was still behind me, so I had to crop). Unfortunately, I'm making a weird face.


Oh, well. The important thing is that several time-consuming projects--two three-story freelance writing assignments and an in-depth dance residency--have come to a close. That's not to say I'm totally free; I still have a batch of photos from a baby shoot to edit, and as soon as I'm done with those I'll have to edit our engagement photos, which my friend Emily is kindly shooting this weekend. On top of that, in the next two months, I have: the Color Run, aforementioned engagement photo shoot, my cousin's wedding, shopping with my mom for her mother-of-the-bride dress, a friend's weekend bachelorette party, a beach trip, and a secondary engagement photo shoot at Ohio University in Athens (where Matt and I met). I just wish I could keep myself this busy in the winter months, instead of just sitting around binge-watching Netflix and eating way too much junk food :/

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this whole "kill yourself with activity in the summer and with boredom in the winter" thing. Right? RIGHT??


  1. Congrats on accomplishing all those important tasks and so happy to see you back! I am in total agreement. It always feels like everything comes on in the summer and then nothing big happens in the winter.

  2. Thanks! It felt weird not taking outfit photos several times a week, haha :)

  3. Ha! Thanks. The serious photos always feel a bit silly to me. Too self-indulgent, maybe? Anyway, did you wear the shoes on the blog and I just missed them? If you haven't yet, can't wait to see them! Also, I got your card in the mail the other day. Your notes always brighten my post-work blahs :)

  4. I wore them a month ago. You saw them because you commented on the post.

  5. Now I remember! My poor brain is so fried lately, it's a wonder I even remember to get dressed in the first place :) But yeah, those are some great kicks!


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