Friday, September 12, 2014

Autumn is coming



shirt: secondhand
sleeveless button-down: New York & Company
khaki skinnies: Old Navy
shoes: Target
necklace: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse

I have very mixed feelings about autumn.

For the most part, I'm a summer girl. I love the heat (though not always the humidity). I love sun and golden skin and massive thunderstorms and ice cream and pools and beaches and breezy dresses and fireflies and sunsets after 9 p.m.

But autumn is kind of special, too. It brings crisp mornings and leaving the windows open all day and especially all night. It brings football and two of my favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Hot toddies are acceptable again and sweaters are so cozy. I've also felt for the last several years that fall can mark the end of a bad era. I like to take time in the fall to find everything that's been weighing me down over the last year and shed it to crunch underfoot with the leaves.


But autumn is so brief and temperamental in Ohio. It seems like you just blink and suddenly it's all shitty half-hearted snow and gross grey slush and feeling so cold that each inhale freezes your lungs. And because I have SAD, winter is especially difficult. Watching the sun set from my office window is heartbreaking. There are days when I feel like I'll never see the sun again.

Fortunately, it's early in the season. There's still time to enjoy cute boots and pumpkin-flavored everything before things really get tough. And I feel a little more optimistic than usual about winter this year. I joined a new climbing gym, and I'm going to go back to vitamin D therapy via tanning beds (with proper sunscreen on, of course). Plus I found a therapist I really like who I can return to if things get really out of hand, so that's a comfort.

How do you feel about autumn? Are you heralding its imminent arrival with three daily Starbucks PSL runs? Or are you already holed up in your hibernation nest, counting off the days until spring arrives again?


  1. Fall is my favorite season, but it's not here yet in Georgia. I'm just itching to put on boots and sweaters. Summer does not agree with me. I don't enjoy the heat at all. I know what you face though. My sister suffers from SAD. She has found that the tanning bed helps her too.

  2. Yikes, I bet that if I lived in Georgia, I'd be less of a summer girl too! I grew up in North Carolina, and I remember the summers being so muggy, you felt like you were wading through the air. Give me that dry desert heat any day ;)

  3. cahhutee outfit!! Girl you know I freaking LOVE autumn. But i totally feel you on the lack of sun/SAD/grossness. I think your plans to combat the winter down-and-out-ness are great! Climbing gym ftw. Sweet photos, too!

  4. Thank you! Your post actually inspired me to write about fall, too. I've been kinda bummed about its arrival but you made me think of all the things I like about it :)


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