Friday, September 5, 2014

Brain, start working





tank: secondhand
cardigan, gladiator sandals: Target
shorts: American Eagle
earrings: gifted (Lia Sophia)

Have you ever been so tired that your brain just kind of gives up? Yeah, that was me yesterday. For some reason, I've been sleeping poorly this week -- staying wide-awake until 11 or midnight, when I'm usually asleep by 10:30 -- and yesterday was nearly unbearable. I chugged caffeine at work all day, which kept my eyes open, but did nothing for my cognitive powers. I actually had intended to make this post on my lunch break, but when lunch rolled around I just kind of...forgot. And then forgot again that evening. And despite being exhausted after work, I couldn't nap and I couldn't fall asleep again at night. I'm feeling slightly better today, but I think I'm still kind of off. (So, my apologies if any of this post seems weird or nonsensical). At least we don't have any major plans for tomorrow; I'm going to sleep in as late as humanly possible!

In other news, this outfit is one of those I've-worn-it-three-times-but-never-manage-to-get-outfit-pics-for-blogging-purposes deals. Mostly because it's been an evening outfit, so it's usually dark before I get dressed. And I hate taking outfit photos indoors if I can help it. I finally just decided to throw the outfit on again for the explicit purpose of shooting blog photos, and I'm glad I did. This is a fun little semi-casual evening getup, I think.

And can we talk about those earrings for a sec? Since I went pixie-short more than two years ago, I've tended to avoid larger earrings. I thought they looked weird with such short hair. Then, Matt's mom got me these hoops for my birthday. I was a little hesitant at first, but I loved them the second I put them on. They just seem to work so well! Large enough to be noticed, but not so large that they seem silly with my hair. Hooray for having a future mother-in-law with such great taste!

Oof. I feel like I just hit another brick wall...My eyelids are starting to get heavy again. To the coffee shop!


  1. Okay FIRST OF ALL DAMN GIRL THAT OUTFIT!!!!!! Srsly. You are rocking it. Secondly, Yes, I have been that tired. Many times. It's the worst!! I have some tricks/processes that I use to keep myself from getting adrenal exhaustion aka being weirdly tired all the time if you're interested. Are you having wedding stress?? I would be haha. But don't worry about all that because you are looking great!

  2. Aww thank you dear :) You're too sweet.

    I don't know what it is. I don't think it's wedding stress--though I am a week behind in getting my save-the-dates mailed, which is pretty annoying--I just weirdly become wide awake around 9 every night. Even if I was falling asleep at 3 or 6 pm earlier in the day. What are your tips??

  3. What a playful outfit. And the earrings look great with your short hair.
    I've noticed (and experienced) that in mid- and late-Summer, our body's rhythms get way out of whack. It's probably 'cause we're doin' more and ignoring our natural cycles. Some mornings, my eyes pop open early; others, I can't get my mind working. So, it's not just you.


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