Thursday, November 13, 2014

Class it up




long-sleeve tee: LOFT via secondhand
skinnies: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
flats: Target
jacket: thrifted

I bought this top from a fellow blogger's closet sale back in May, and despite the fact that I've been wearing it constantly, it looks like this is the first time it's appearing on the blog! Shocking, if you ask me.

I've recently discovered that I have an affinity for sequined tops. I never cared for them much in the past, but lately I've realized just how easy they are to wear. I mean, not only can you forget about picking out jewelry, but the sequins add a bit of polish to any outfit. This same combo with a plain v-neck t-shirt, for example, might look almost frumpy. But with the sequins, this outfit will carry me from casual Friday at work to happy hour or date night with literally no changes. It can't get any simpler!

Do you have a go-to item or embellishment when you want to add class to an otherwise casual outfit?


  1. Okay 1. THE WEATHER!! Why is it so nice where you are?? 2. Awesome outfit 10/10 3. That sequinned top is killer!

  2. I feel the same way about sequins, despite their bad rap. They look good on you.

  3. Thank you!! And don't worry, it's not nice here anymore. We had two 60 degree days (that's 15 degrees C, I think?) this week, and then snow yesterday. Today the temps won't get above freezing. That's Ohio for you.

  4. It's very pretty! I love the "something special" that the sequins add. Usually my "class it up" item is a necklace. I'mall about having something around my neck now (as opposed to when I was growing up-- never wanted anything touching it).

  5. Love it! A good necklace definitely dresses up most anything :)


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