Monday, March 30, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: March

Well hey there! Popping in with a quick Budgeting Bloggers post here. I didn't forget to do this last month; I just stuck to my guns and didn't buy anything! I wasn't going to buy anything this month, but I realized I was severely lacking on swimwear for our honeymoon and swim separates were BOGO half off at Target...I walked in for some groceries and a birthday card, and after 20 minutes in the store the only things in my basket were two bikinis. Story of my life.

I also scored a sweet deal on a secondhand Coach watch thanks to a buy/sell/trade group I belong to on Facebook. I was going to be done for the month after the bikinis, but I've been wanting to wear watches for a while now (I'm so sick of going to check the time on my phone and getting distracted by a million other things and forgetting to actually look at the time), and this deal was too great to pass up.

3-31-15 march budget

1. Coach watch with interchangeable bands via secondhand. It's like three watches for (less than) the price of one! | $25

2. Navy striped two piece separates via Target. The top comes with a removable halter string thing, which I prefer as a "just in case my boobs aren't big enough to actually hold this thing up" backup. | $26.98 for both with BOGO {exact top, exact bottom}

3. White two piece separates via Target. Because a trip to Mexico is apparently incomplete without a sexy white bikini. | $28.98 for both with BOGO {exact top, exact bottom}

(Not pictured) I also bought some underwear at Target with their 5 for $20 sale, but I don't like to post pics of my underthings. I'll show you my bikini, but not my bikini briefs. I don't get my logic either. | $21.30

Grand total: $102.26 with tax. Right at my $100 budget, but still more than I had planned to spend this month. Oh, well. At least I'm set for swimwear!

How did you do on your clothes budget this month?


  1. What a very nice watch! A very good investment as well.

  2. I love that striped bikini! I've been all about stripes lately


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