Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Décor: Bar cart basics

So last week, I stumbled upon Chairish, a "curator-approved online marketplace for vintage and used furniture"...right up my décor alley. I'll admit, most of the items on the site are pretty far out of my typical budget, but word on the street is that some items in the lower price range are available, too.

All of that to say, today I'm collaborating with Chairish in today's post to style a bar cart. In true indecisive fashion, I couldn't pick just I styled two carts for two purposes! One is a fancypants cart for the wine aficionado, and the other is a more laid-back setup for a cocktail queen.

wine cart

1. This Mid-Century Brass Bar Cart is where it all begins!
2. I have a Houdini Corkscrew myself and it's like magic. Just squeeze the handles, dip the lever and your cork is out!
3. Wine classes come in all shapes and sizes, and it's not just red and white — but this Riedel Vivant Pino Noir Stemless Glass is a great basic option for your reds.
4. Similarly, white wine glasses vary in size. I don't like chardonnay, but I love the Riedel Vivant Chardonnay Stemless Glass. (Stemmed glasses are always an option too, but my clumsiness goes full-scale when I'm drinking wine so stemless for me, please!)
5. A good decanter, like this Ridel Vivant Balloon Decanter is a must for red wine lovers.
6. Sometimes, you just can't finish a whole bottle. Don't let it go to waste — pump out the extra air to save what's left with something like this OXO Vacuum Wine Preserver.

liquor cart

1. This Hollywood Regency Brass Faux Bamboo Bar Cart is a little more casual than the one above.
2. What glasses you need really depends on what kind of cocktails you prefer. We're a bourbon household, with an occasional rum drink thrown in for funsies, but I've picked a few basics here.
a. A standard double rocks glass, like this Luigi Bormioli Classico Double Old Fashioned Glass, is my go-to. It's a great all-purpose glass for cocktails and drinks served straight-up or on the rocks.
b. I almost didn't include this, but as an avid mule fan I had to throw one in. This Moscow Mule Mug is great...though I prefer the Kentucky variation.
c. Once upon a time, I was a sucker for a margarita. (Who am I kidding, I still can be.) It'd taste fine in a double rocks glass, but it'd look so much better in this Glory Margarita Glass.
d. I've never liked martinis much, but if you do, you can't go wrong with this Viv Martini Glass. Also great for cosmos!
3. A stainless steel swizzle spoon isn't a necessity, per se, but it'll make you feel like a real bartender. This one has a fork on one end for spearing garnishes.
4. A muddler is a must for mojitos, not to mention a number of other tasty cocktails. I love having this OXO Muddler in my arsenal.
5. I never used a jigger in college, but then I grew up and realized that yes, proportions do matter and no, more liquor isn't always better. This OXO Double Jigger has a 1.5-ounce side and a one-ounce side, each with smaller incremental measures for more accurate pours.
6. Shaken, not stirred. (I couldn't resist!) No bar cart is complete without a cocktail shaker, like this Chefmate one.
7. An ice bucket doesn't just look nice; it also saves you from running between the bar and the freezer. Get one with a scoop or tongs, like this Threshold Hammered Metal Ice Bucket, so you don't have to stick your fingers in peoples' drinks.
8. A divided serving dish doesn't just look nice; it helps keep your lemons, limes, cherries and/or olives from mixing into a nasty flavor mélange. I've got one of these Easton 2-Part Stainless Steel Server on my shopping list now!
9. This cart lacks a drawer, so I picked out this Threshold Acacia Tray to keep all the bits and pieces corralled.

And there you have it: My bar cart basics, split up based on whether wine or liquor is your libation of choice. What do you think...anything I missed?

Disclaimer: This post does NOT contain affiliate links. I was not paid or perked for this post. Content created in collaboration with Chairish. Not sponsored by or affiliated with OXO, Chefmate, Riedel Vivant, Target, Crate + Barrel or Amazon.

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