Thursday, April 28, 2011

Promises, promises

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. I’m promising myself that I’ll find a better schedule for everything I’ve got going on, and I’m promising you all that you’ll see better, more frequent posting as a result. In fact, I’m making the promise right now to do an outfit post tonight…I have about seven that are waiting patiently in various stages of editing.

In the meantime, here’s what I made for dinner one night last week. I love this dish because it’s easy and so incredibly delicious. And it finds a better use for Ramen noodles. I got it out of an old issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray—back before it was in a dire financial situation. I actually have measurements for this because, well, it’s a real recipe.

Hosin-Glazed Shrimp over Crispy Noodle Cake

- two regular-sized packs of Ramen (I like to use the Oriental flavor)
- ½ cup hoisin sauce
- 20-oz can of pineapple chunks
- 1 tsp crushed red pepper (optional)
- bag of frozen green beans, thawed
- ½ pound large shrimp (I just buy one of those frozen bags for really cheap and thaw it out before I start)
- 3 cloves grated or minced garlic
- canola oil
- salt and pepper

Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the Ramen, adding just one of the flavor packets to the water once the noodles break up and soften a bit. When they’re done, drain them and press flat on a large plate. Pop them in the fridge.

While that’s going on, combine the hoisin, ½ cup of the pineapple juice from the can, 2 tablespoons of canola oil and the crushed red pepper, if you’re using it. Mix well.

In a large skillet, heat a few more tablespoons of oil—enough to coat the bottom of the pan. I like to use a little sesame oil with the canola oil for this part, but I’m obsessed with sesame oil. Kind of my thing. Carefully slide the noodle cake into the pan and cook until the bottom is browned (about five minutes). Flip it over and brown the other side as well (about another five minutes).

While that’s cooking, heat a little more canola oil in another skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pineapple chunks and green beans, cooking for about two or three minutes. The pineapple should brown and the beans should blister a bit. Transfer these to a plate, add a little more oil, then the shrimp and garlic. Cook for about a minute, then stir in the sauce and add the pineapple and green beans.

Lower the heat and cook everything together for another two or three minutes. Slide the noodle cake onto a large plate or serving platter, spoon the shrimp mixture over it and serve immediately. Note: you may want to cut the sauce recipe in half, as I’ve already cut the Ramen/shrimp proportions in half. I like a lot of sauce with this dish, though, so I make a full batch of that.

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