Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Missing school

Today, I miss school. College, maybe even high school, but more so college. Because in college, if I woke up not feeling well, I just didn't go to class. Usually. But it was nice to know that if I didn't feel 100%, I usually could just go back to sleep until I did.

Not so, anymore. So when I woke up this morning feeling like crap for no reason, I still had to drag my butt out of bed, still had to get dressed (albeit I'm styled far below my standards today and probably won't blog the outfit I'm wearing) and still had to prepare for a day of work, freelancing and blogging. Being a grown-up is fun, isn't it?

Shirt: thriftedSkirt: Spotted MothNecklace/bracelets: don't rememberShoes: Payless

Speaking of Spotted Moth, they're having a sale today! It's their first anniversary, so if you enter "HAPPYFIRST" at checkout to get 30% off. I might have to go spend some grocery money today...heh.

Also, I have no idea what's going on with my hair in the middle picture. My hair kind of has a mind of its own...and it's not friendly.

What do you guys think of the three-photo format instead of four? I think I like it better...the posts take up a little less space, and let's face it...why do with four what you can do with three? (Ever the journalist, I am. Less is more.)

[Update: Just realized the Spotted Moth sale goes till Friday. Which might be nice for you, but it's great for me...Friday = payday = not spending grocery money on clothes!]

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