Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I do believe I have found The One. Bed set, that is. It's not yellow, which was my color of choice, but it's still in the citrus family. Matt's not a fan of yellow anyway, so I guess this works.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

It comes with three throw pillows, four shams, a comforter and a bedskirt. How fancy! We'd have to buy sheets, I suppose, but that's not so bad. We already have a white set that looks nice enough, and a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond left over from Christmas, so that's that.

The only thing that makes me nervous is it's on sale for $150 now...marked down from $300, which we definitely could not afford. How long will it be on sale??? Arg!!

So frustrating. Oh, and larger photo available here.


  1. Now I just need to find $150. I spent the money I was going to use for this on a new cell phone (though I'm pretty damn excited about that, haha).


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