Friday, May 6, 2011

Reaction to Lady Gaga's Judas

First, a disclaimer: I have nothing against Christians, or any other religious following for that matter. I think religion is great for those who use it in a positive manner (as opposed to those like the WBC who use it to preach hate). But this girl just cracks my sh*t up.

As a dedicated fan of Lady Gaga (and someone who is completely in love with the newly released video for Judas), I find this pretty remarkable.

First, honey, Jesus is not Judas. In fact, Judas is pretty much the complete opposite of Jesus, which is kind of the point of the song. It's an allegory.

Second, telling people that "I hope your pastor touches you" is a pretty bad way to phrase things, given the Catholic church's scandal in recent years.

Third, you should know that Gaga was raised Catholic and, in my opinion, still seems to have a very close relationship with God. Just because it's different from yours does not make it wrong or evil.

Finally, take a chill pill and learn to laugh at things you find offensive. I find you offensive, but I'm still giggling.

What? You all haven't seen the video yet??? Well lucky you. Here it is.


  1. I'm pretty much over weird music videos, or really any music video in general these days, but I actually kinda loved this one. Sometimes Gaga is so effing weird my eyes hurt, but this allegory was fun - and I really liked the guy who played Judas. Of course.

  2. She's a genius, right? Right.

    By the way, you kind of made my day by commenting before I even tweeted this post or anything. Thanks :)

  3. i am having a lot of difficulty deciding as to whether this is a joke or not. are there really people that are this stupid?

  4. You know, I think she's genuine. It looks like she has some real concern and real emotion. Then again, "real emotion" in a young teenager is a debatable term. I know this for a fact, having been an overly emotional teen myself :)

    As for stupidity, I really think it's more a matter of ignorance and overreaction. Again, having been a 15-year-old girl myself at one time, I can almost see where she's coming from. Almost.


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