Monday, June 27, 2011

Halfway there!

Yup, it's day 25 of the 30x30 challenge. I must say, I'm pretty surprised that I've made it this far without too many struggles. Of course, there are a few pieces I haven't even touched yet, so I'll have to make sure I work those in. These shoes were one of those pieces, but I got 'em today.

Just for the record: I love these shoes. I don't care that they make me nearly six feet tall (I'm 5'8" in bare feet). I say, tall girls should be able to love wedges and heels too!

items: 1, 25
necklace: DIY'ed bracelet: don't remember ribbon belt: came with a shirt I don't even have anymore

I've decided to go back to posting three shots instead of just two. It gets hard to pick just two images if you have a lot of really good ones!

Oh, and rest assured, folks: I ordered a new tripod on Amazon the other day. Should get here soon, I hope. The best part? It's a big-girl tripod. The kind that stands 50 inches tall and all that. Not the bendy Gorillapod I used to use. It was nice, but it limited my locations to places that had something for it to grip onto. When I get my new tripod, I'll be able to shoot anywhere!


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  2. Super cute outfit - love it!

  3. This dress is so simple but very flattering. I really like the green ribbon belt. I've got a 'big girl' tripod and I LOVE IT! It's great to be able to take it anywhere I want.

  4. Your shoes are beautiful x

  5. Vanessa and Nick--would you believe I bought these on CLEARANCE at Old Navy? What a great snag, right?

  6. Do you follow the Delightful Dozen?
    If not, you totally should!

  7. Love those wedges! I always admire anyone that takes on the 30 x 30 challenge xx


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