Monday, June 20, 2011

Last change. For reals.

This is the last 30 x 30 substitution I'm making. It's just that the teeny LBD I originally included (#3) was intended for my birthday and that only, and I didn't feel like wearing it. Then my grandma gave me this awesome dress as a gift, and I had to wear it right away, so I swapped it out. But this is the final change. Promise.

items: 3, 24, 27
bracelets: from Uganda
necklace: Global Gallery

I didn't want to throw on the cardi, but it gets so darn cold in my office sometimes! Lately the AC has been on the fritz, though, so maybe it'll be a little warmer than an icebox today.

In other news, I've been wanting a paisley-inspired dress for a while, and I'm loving them hem of this one! Thanks, Grandma :)


  1. Why are office buildings so COLD in the summer?
    Also your dress is really cute, your granny has great taste. :)

  2. What a nice granny.
    Air Con is a far & distant dream to us in England. As I type the rain is falling. What I would give for some sun. x
    Dress looks great on you.

  3. Very cute - lucky girl. Love your white tee and jeans a couple posts back. Very stylish and laid back.


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