Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well. When I selected my outfits for this challenge, I was thinking in terms of the 80+ degree weather we've been having the past week or two. So I picked mostly shorts, skirts and other warm weather staples.

Yesterday didn't get above 73. Today probably won't either. And while I'm absolutely LOVING the general feel of the weather (and being able to leave my windows open instead of running the A/C), my legs aren't really appreciating the whole temperature thing. And I refuse to wear pantyhose in June. Ew.

The only two pairs of long pants I put in my 30 are jeans and black skinnies. Not really work appropriate, unless it's a Friday. Thinking about taking out some of the shoes and replacing them with a pair or two of slacks. It doesn't count if I haven't worn it yet, right?

items: 10, 20, 27
cami: Old Navy
bracelet: street vendor in the Short North
necklace/ring: gifts

I know what you're thinking, too. No, the cami isn't in my 30. But in my book, it only counts if you wear it by itself, not as an accent piece. That's why that black tank is in my 30...I intend to wear it as a shirt, not as an undershirt.

Also, I kinda hate these pictures. The bright early morning sun kind of messed with them...will probably reshoot this afternoon. Look for better photos this evening!


  1. I love the outfit! It makes me want to get dressed up now and go somewhere fun. Really digging the shoes, too. :]

  2. Cool outfit! I agree w/ the cami - can't wear alone. I plan on slipping one or two in my 30. :)


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