Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An update!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was considering dropping a couple items from my 30 and replacing them with others. Well, I wound up doing just that. After all, who needs eight pairs of shoes for a remix challenge?? That's overkill.

So I dropped two pairs of shoes and added in a pair of long pants that I can wear to work (and cuff up when it gets hot again, hehe) and a coverup. I wore both items today, because the magazine is doing a luncheon thing at a hotel downtown, and I wanted to look professional rather than trendy. So here it is:

items: 24, 13, 23, 27
watch: Walmart

That would be my "oops" face. As in "oops, should have thought about how many shoes I included in my 30" :)

In other news, it's not even 10 and I know today is going to be long and stressful. It's a great feeling.

Update: Just realized this works for the Bloggers Do It Better assignment of neon and neutrals. Go me! Really though, I'm excited to finally jump on that bandwagon.


  1. Love the Cardi & belt combo.

  2. Top is just perfect! Nice setting, perfect oops!

  3. Also meant to add:
    See how a Slightly Vintage Woman wears the Neon+Neutral look:


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