Monday, July 18, 2011

30x30: A reflection

Well, I can certainly say that I have learned to look at the contents of my closet a little differently. There have been days when, given the full range of clothes in my closet, I've stood in front of it and moaned that I have nothing to wear. This feeling of defeat approached me only a few times during the challenge, and yet I always managed to pull something together.

As I said before, I now feel like I have tripled my wardrobe, without actually buying anything. I'm currently wearing clothes and shoes that I haven't touched in more than a month, and I love it. (Particularly my shoes. I missed my Franco Sartos.) And I definitely appreciate that I don't have to take photos, edit them and post them all before I leave for work. Thinking of taking my tripod and camera out to the Park of Roses again after work. Hello, change of scenery!

But what have I really learned from this challenge? It's difficult to say. I realized that I already remix much of what I wear, because I rarely am able to buy a lot of new clothes. And I realized that in reality, I've been dabbling in the remix deal for quite some time. Granted, in high school it was less remixing and more wearing the same outfits over and over, but in college I started trying to be a bit more creative. And I bought new clothes even LESS frequently then. I probably went a full six months at one point or another without buying any new threads. Good thing I wasn't a style blogger then, I suppose.

So, here I am. About to jump into the financial diet, if I can ever get a game plan of some sort together. And that means I'll be buying fewer clothes then, too. So I suppose in a way, the remixing doesn't end here for me. Maybe it never will. And you know, that's just fine with me.

The 30. Click here for the 30 items.

I did come pretty close to repeating...outfits 5 and 26 are pretty close. I was kind of ready for something like that to happen, but I guess I could have fixed it a little by wearing different shoes one of those days. After all, there's only so much you can do with a safari-style dress like this. (In retrospect, I kind of wanted to wear the white sleeveless button-down as a vest over the dress, but I forgot about it. Oh well...guess that's an outfit for another day!

What about you? Any reflections/revelations on your 30x30 challenge?

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