Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is not yesterday's outfit.

In fact, it is the first of a series of outfits that were worn/photographed before the 30x30 challenge. Time to play catch up, amiright? :)

Sadly, yesterday's outfit was not photographed at all due to unfortunate circumstances. I don't want to bore you, so long story short, my clutch system in my car is screwed up. We think it has something to do with engine temperature running slightly too high, which makes some metal part--probably a spring or a worn-down pad--expand and stick. So I'm driving through some terrible stop-and-go construction traffic, trying to get back to work after a doctor's appointment. And my clutch starts sticking. Then it stays stuck. As in, pushed all the way in, so when I hit the gas, my car goes nowhere because it thinks it's in neutra, even though it's really in gear.

So there I am. It's 95 degrees (higher if you consider the heat index) and I'm backing up traffic. Everyone's beeping, even though my hazards are on and I'm waving them to go around. Finally, some kind soul stops and helps me push my car off to a side street. I call the tow truck and wait 45 minutes in the sweltering heat. My outfit is soaked through with sweat (gross, I know, but that's why I couldn't take pictures of it). When the tow guy gets there, my clutch is perfectly fine again. UGH.

Was up all night with stress dreams about money, the work I missed yesterday, etc. Feeling like crap this morning. There's ten bucks in my wallet, I'm thinking about taking it to the thrift store for some discount retail therapy. Cause you KNOW I can't afford real shopping now that I have a car repair to deal with.

But on the bright side. I love this outfit and it makes me smile.

shirt, brooch and long shorts: New York and Company
shoes: Franco Sarto via Marshall's

I missed these shoes during my 30x30 challenge. I wore them yesterday, too, which made me look ridiculous--running around by my disabled car in a cami (had to ditch the button-up shirt, too hot), a bright red pencil skirt and these monsters. It was so hot (HOW HOT WAS IT?) it was so hot I had to actually walk up to a woman doing some yard work and beg her for a glass of water. She was the sweetest lady--she and her son brought me inside, where it was air conditioned, and gave me two full glasses of ice water, plus one for the road. They also offered me OJ and snacks. Sometimes, the kindness of people really makes a bad situation a bit better.


  1. SO PRETTY!!!! Love today's outfit!

    I'm sorry about your car, that is extremely stressful! ah, the financial burdens of being young... I'm ready for it to be over!

  2. Totally feel ya on the heat. Love this outfit. That shirt is bombtastic. Hope your car gets fixed soon!!

  3. Your outfit is really cute, yes. HOWEVER, my favorite part of this post has to be the really nice people giving you water. It's comforting to know there are good people out in the world! I'm sorry to hear about your car, I've been in that situation before. :(

  4. This outfit is so cute! You've got a little va-va-voom going on in that first photo. That sucks about your car, but at least everything turned out OK.

  5. Thanks for the compliments/sympathies, guys! (Va-va-voom, HA, love it.) And Kellyn, I absolutely agree...those people were so amazing. I wrote down their address, I think I'm going to send them a thank-you card. They were beyond kind, and definitely made me feel better about the whole thing!

  6. Aww that sucks so much about the car, but it's nice when you meet great people who are willing to help you out with a smile on their faces :)

    And you look great! I love the blue of your shirt.


  7. Thats the worse luck but it can only get better. Something good is always around the corner, just remain positive x
    p.s great outfit


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