Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I hate thinking up titles.

Not my forte. (It's probably related to my abysmal pet-naming skills, haha.) I'm better at blabbering on for several paragraphs about mostly nothing. Not that that's difficult, mind you...but oh well. No one really cares about post titles anyway, right? Right.

So my sister sells Mary Kay, and for my birthday she sent me a tube of this gorgeous red lipstick. I don't wear lipstick often, but I want to start now. This stuff is awesome! And it pairs so well with my numerous red accessories.

shirt: VERY old (like 5 years), so I don't remember the store
skirt: New York & Company
belt: Target
shoes: Buckle
knot earrings: The Limited

I realized I wear these earrings all the time and never show a close up of them. They're pretty cool. I saw a friend of mine wearing her earrings like this the other day--with the hoop in the second hole and the stud in the first--and decided to try it out. I think I like it.

So, now for a Financial Diet update. I've definitely busted on the "spending only $20 a week on frivolous things." My mom and all my sisters were in town this weekend, and we went shopping. Not good. I only spent about $20 at Forever 21, but I just felt so bummed out that I couldn't spend more. I think I might bump the limit up to $30 a week, but I'm going to stay at $20 for this next pay period...give it one more shot.

Of course, New York City spending doesn't count. That comes from a separate stash of cash that's been set aside specifically for the trip. Maybe I'll luck out and get the spending bug out of my system while I'm there. HA. That's a good one, me :)


  1. Bright lipstick is so fun! I've been loving red and fuchsia this summer:-) xoxo

  2. That is a gorgeous red! I love Mary Kay. And good luck with the financial diet...I could never do that. Although, I should!


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