Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing...the kitty's name!

You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up exhausted, despite a full 9 hours' sleep, and you contemplate using a sick day except the magazine goes to the printer the day after tomorrow and it's nowhere near ready so you pretty much have to be at work so you drag yourself out of bed into the shower and some clean clothes take some groggy outfit photos and prepare to head out the door sans coffee because your doctor says you reallyshouldn'tdrinkthatstuffanymore--

{deep breath in}

No? Just me? Okay, here's a funny cat video compilation instead. It pretty much explains why we named our kitten Spazcat McGilicutty (Spazzy for short).

Now imagine those antics every evening and half of the night. I blame myself. I accidentally only bought toys with catnip in them. And apparently her scratch thing has catnip in it too. So she's pretty much constantly tweaked out. Sorry, Spazzy.

And for those of you who aren't cat people (what?!), here's my most recent mani:

I'm wearing Sand Tropez by Essie as my base color, with Blue Slushie by Opi for Sephora (the Glee line) and some neon orange that I've had for years and years.


  1. My kitty goes CRAZY for certain cat nip toys. Gets all drooly at the mouth and crazy huge pupils. I think we got a 'bad batch' or somthing last time because she just rolled over on her back in the middle of the floor and stared at us for like 30 minutes. But your kitty is super adorable.
    Love the nails too.

  2. Such a perfect name! Love Spazzy for short :)

    and your nails look great!

  3. Spazzy is a perfect name! So cute!

    Love your mani. I might have to try that out. #2 after fashion is nails!


  4. What an amazing name! Haha my cats go crazy for cat nip too. Isn't it nuts?

  5. I can't wait to come see her again in a few weeks!

  6. I love your nails! They look awesome! The kitty's name is perfect, haha


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