Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Blahs

We all know it: Mondays are just plain disappointing. After a weekend of being alternatively productive and lazy (Saturday I got tons of stuff done; Sunday I did nothing but watch TV and make a grocery list), I feel like Monday is just intruding on my not-quite-over-yet weekend. I'm officially campaigning for a four-day work week. Who's with me?!

Meh. I'm just grumpy because over the weekend I developed a cold. Who gets a cold in August? Seriously?

shirt: thrifted
jeans: Silver via Macy's
shoes: Target
bracelet/necklace: don't remember
earrings: Claire's?

These photos are from a few weeks ago that I just found floating in my "unposted outfits" folder. I have a confession: I love nautical influences. I think it's because the whole nautical thing is so heavy on horizontal stripes, and about half of my closet is horizontal stripes. Well, not really, but they do make up a disproportionate amount. They're just so classic, and so easy to remix. What's not to love?

Also, don't worry...I'm not going bald. My hair just likes to pretend I have bald spots sometimes. Hey, we all have our little hair quirks. It's not like I'm the only one, right? Right??


  1. I adore the way you write your posts, you're so funny and a pleasure to read! Your outfit is so cute, I just love your shirt :)

  2. If you love nautical, you will really love these shorts I just got. They're navy blue and red high waisted sailor shorts. They're great, and they were super cheap at Forever 21.

    My hair also likes to pretend to have a bald spot sometimes! I have a really bad cowlick in the front!

    By the way, I love those shoes.

  3. This is a really cute top and I like how you paired it with your jeans rolled up. Stripes are fun!

    And I kind of have a case of the Mondays too. And I am still getting over my summer cold. the worst!


  4. You should do a "favourite things" post on Mondays! It makes my week just a little bit sweeter :) I am thinking about making a button/link up dealio for it, what do you think?
    ps I also LOVE nautical stuff!

  5. A) I will campaign with you for a 4-day work week. I seriously think we need it to keep our sanity.

    B) Very cute outfit!

    C) I have a big forehead, and my hair-line isn't totally symmetrical so I definitely know the hair quirks you're talking about :) This is why I have bangs! heh heh


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