Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...(have I used that post title yet?)

Ugh, is it me, or is Mother Nature just against us 9-5-ers? I feel like it rained all of last week, was nice over the weekend, and returned to a forecast of rain all this week. Oh, well. At least the weekend was nice, right?

I wore this two Fridays ago, but I wish I were wearing it today. Something about wearing jeans to work just makes my day so much more pleasant! But, I suppose my outfit for today—a midi skirt and flats—is a bit more appropriate for rain. No soggy hems here!

polo: Target
white long sleeve, belt and necklace: don't remember
jeans: Silver via Macy's
shoes: Target or Payless

Sorry for not knowing where half this outfit came from. My wardrobe needs some serious updating. The Financial Diet has been kind of restrictive in that department ($20 a week doesn't allow for much clothes shopping). Fortunately, I've recently bumped myself up to $30 a week. That helps a lot. As does the discovery of Volunteers of America, which I mentioned in this post. Their huge, store-wide half-off sale is tomorrow! I plan to take $10 or $15 and walk out with at least 10 new, awesome items.

Speaking of the FD, I am officially halfway to my goal of saving up $1,000! Tips haven't been quite what I was told to expect at the waitressing job. (They said people tend to make $200 on a game day. I usually just barely clear $100...and non-game shifts average around $30-$50. Ick.) But I just sold some stuff on Craigslist and made a cool $300 from that. I'm saving half of that, used a bit of it to fund a belated housewarming party slash birthday party for Matt and I and our friend who lives upstairs, and am using the rest to work on some home décor projects on my list. So there will be some fun posts on that coming up as well :)

By the way. Don't forget to email your budgeting questions, comments or whatever to verbal.melange{at}gmail{dot}com for this week's Fiscal Fridays post!


  1. Congratulations on being halfway to your goal! That's such a satisfying feeling. And there's nothing wrong with forgetting where stuff comes from, especially if you've had it for a long time. This is a cute outfit, so you're doing a good job working with what you've got.

  2. Congrats on your half-way point. Every time you are tempted to buy something silly just think how many hours you had to work to get that money (it worked for me with terrible jobs in college)

  3. I haven't shopped since 3 months! Except for one pair of grey jeans and i'd been searching for a shade like that since years so i gave in!
    It gives you such a heady feeling when you stick to your goal no matter what!

    Hope you reach your goal soon.. good luck! :)
    I love your outfit.. and the belt completes the look!

  4. Nice outfit!


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