Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scarlet and Gray

You may have noticed a new button in my affiliates section...on the right sidebar...or maybe not. Either way, there's a new button there. It's for Shop It To Me, a sweet site that recently invited me to join its Trendsetters program! Hooray!

To put it briefly, you just join the site, tell it what brands you like, then sign up for a certain email frequency. It can be daily, or just once a week, or somewhere in between. The emails contain sale items from your favorite brands. The site describes itself as being kind of like your own personal shopper, and I have to admit, it's a pretty good description. Kind of makes me wish I had more money for non-thrifted clothes ;)

So if you're not a member, you can click the link in the top paragraph there to sign up. Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate, so I do get perks if you sign up by clicking there. But I can say with all honesty (because you all know I'm not a sell out, I tell it like it is) that it's a pretty sweet service. I customized mine to only send me emails with items under $100.

Anyway, enough blah-blah-blah-ing. Here are some pictures!

cardi and shoes: thrifted
cami: Old Navy
skirt: The Limited
belt: Target
necklace: Forever 21

I was going to link this to Jill's Work It Wednesday post, but I realized that I tend to wear this skirt the same way every time. Black or nude pumps with neutral, layered, tucked-in tops and a long necklace. I need to mix it up a bit!

A little inspiration for this tucked-in cardi, however, goes to Whitney and her Emma-Pilsbury-inspired wardrobe. This is a bit too radical for Jayma Mays' character on Glee (bright red?!) but it's the same concept, I think.

The final inspiration came from my beloved football team, the OSU Buckeyes. Yes, we're having a terrible season. Yes, we all miss Tressel terribly. (And I miss his fashion. What other football coach looked so great on the field? Sweatervests forever!) But we'll get through this season, folks. I promise!


  1. Great outfit! The skirt is so pretty, I love the colour :)

  2. I have loved Shop it To Me -- Thanks for sending the invite earlier!

    Thanks for the shout out, too! I don't think a red skirt is too radical! In fact, I think she'd pair it up with different shades of red...Hmmm...you just gave me an outfit idea! :)

  3. Cute look! (I have on a red pencil skirt today too. Twins!)

  4. awww! u look so adorable in that pony tail :) love the outfit!

  5. I'm pretty sure I have that same red skirt. I'm pretty sure I love it and wear it like 3/7 days a week haha :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  6. I love the skirt! Maybe to switch it up a bit, you could try a bolder-colored yet simple top, such as a pink sweater or blouse. The red and pink combo and color-blocking in general are really in-style right now and I think you could definitely pull it off!


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