Monday, November 21, 2011

Blogger clothes swap!

Clearly, I am a terrible candidate for a clothes swap. Not only do I send out my items late, causing my partner to post her swap styling late (sorry, Emily), but I also am incredibly unimaginative with new items. I feel like when I come across new pieces, whether they're purchases or just on loan, it takes some time for me to figure out how to really style them well. So my styling of Kelly's Le Sac dress from American Apparel was, well, rather lackluster.

shirt: Target
dress-as-skirt: American Apparel, blog swapped from Kelly
shoes: Payless

I could blame it on the fact that Sunday ended up being much more hectic than I had originally planned; I could blame it on a morning-after food coma induced by the traditional Friend Thanksgiving that we celebrated Saturday night. Or I could just own up and say that I was a little stumped as to how to style this to begin with. I liked wearing it as a jumper, rather than a halter or strapless dress, but even that wasn't entirely original, haha. I saw a photo of it on the American Apparel website.

But in the spirit of making an effort, I styled it a slightly different way, too. One that I just kind of made up on the spot, in fact.

In retrospect, I think this would look pretty cool as a halter dress too...take away the purple shirt and pull the sides of the dress (where the strap connects there) up to cover any indecency. In fact, given a few weeks, I could probably find a million ways to style this dress. But I have to send it back, so make sure to check out Kelly's blog and see how she styles it in the future (or how she has done it in the past).

And don't forget to check out the other swap ladies: Joanna (she came up with the idea), Kelly, Emily, Alisha, Sorren and Sydney. They're all good blog friends of mine, and I highly recommend adding them to your daily reads!


  1. My old roommate had this dress in purple. She usually wore it as a halter dress and tied the string around the waist a bunch of times. I also think it really takes a certain body type to pull of a piece of clothing like that. You look good in it, but I think a short person (like me) might appear to be wearing a burlap sack.

  2. This is pretty cute, I've seen these dresses around and keep thinking I should try to make one, they look so cute on the AA models, but also I am not that skinny.

  3. I have two of these dresses. I've worn it the way you're wearing it only I added a thin braided belt to it!

  4. I've never styled them like you did! Thanks for giving some new life into this dress, I've always done it the same. Either a halter-style or a strapless-dress style. Very cute!!

    (I know its a little challenging to figure out. You're like "what are all these long strings for?!" - seriously, that is STILL my reaction every time I try and wear it...)

  5. I really like how you tied the strap in front-very creative (and what a neat reversible dress-now I want one!) I think you look great in glasses and I love the purple on you! Can't wait to receive my goody in the mail (no worries on the delay-it's exciting waiting!)

  6. Fun idea! I like how creative you got with your styling:-) It's amazing what a little wardrobe tweaking can do! xoxo

  7. This is cute! I like how you styled it differently :)

  8. love the berry color of your shirt!


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