Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outfit oops

Do you ever wear an outfit all day, thinking you look awesome, only to realize as you edit and blog your outfit pics that you actually don't? That maybe, just maybe, you look a little bit like a hooker, or some other inappropriate wardrobe malfunction has befallen you? No? Just me then.

(This one's the hooker-esque shot)

dress: H&M
cardi: Old Navy
tights and socks: Target
boots: Burlington Coat Factory
ring: Modcloth, giveaway win

So yeah. This would have been much, much better with flat boots. But I wore this weeks ago (just found it in my "to-post" list, haha) so I didn't have my beloved flat black boots yet. I'm pretty sure I'll never wear these boots again, in fact. I'm not sure what it is...something about the heel and the way it folds over at the top makes me think "slutty pirate." But I bought these last year, when I was desperate for cute boots and stupid with my money.

Hey. You live and learn, right?


  1. You don't look like a slutty pirate!?!?! You look cute:) I had boots like those and I had the same problem, everytime i wore them I thought I looked pirate-esq lol!

  2. I know what you mean. But we tend to be overly-critical of our outfits. This one straddles the line between cute and overly sexy. The sweetness of the sweater balances the sexiness of the boots, neutralizing them to a large degree.

    Your ring is gorgeous!

  3. Answering your first question: ALL THE TIME.

    But I don't' know what you're talking about with yourself! You always look fab-u-lous!


  4. I think the sweater definitely stops this outfit from being too sexy!

  5. You can TOTALLY find cute ways to wear those boots. I don't think they are slutty pirate at all. But I do feel you on the 'realize you don't like it after photos'. I usually end up looking like I'm headed to a sock hop or a Grunge Rock concert on days that I decide not to post photos. I've been saving some of them up for an end of the year 'What was I thinking' post.

  6. I have SO been there! You look perfectly normal, fear not! Love that you're rocking the ring

  7. I think the outfit is great! The boots are a lot of fun and the sweater definitely tones down any "sexiness" in the boot. :) But I definitely know what you mean about loving an outfit, to hating how it looks in pictures.

  8. I have hated so many of my outfits after looking the photos. Somehow in the mirror everything looks perfect :/
    I agree with Ki.. the sweater does prevent the outfit from looking too sexy. Maybe you could wear these boots with skinny jeans and a simple tee? Am sure that'll look good on you!


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