Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend recap and channeling the 50s

Wow, what a weekend. Matt and I both took a much-needed mini-vacation from just about everything. It was kind of wonderful. Friday and Saturday we did nothing but sleep in, lay around the house in comfy clothes, watch Netflix and eat leftovers. (And on a whim, had a casual date night at Red Lobster to satisfy a sudden and inexplicable craving for crab legs. Mmm.) Sunday we did a bit of work/errands, but it was also mostly chill. I love weekends like that :)

The only down side to the weekend? Well, I suppose there were two. The Buckeyes lost to Michigan, which was kind of heartbreaking since it hadn't happened in years. And I blew through my "spending allowance" (part of my Financial Diet) by Sunday. That really sucks. Other than that, an amazing and wonderful weekend.

But this, like all good things, must come to an end. So it's back to the grind for Matt and I (and the rest of the country, I suppose, so there's no use complaining). So. On to today's outfit! And I have just one question...Why have I never worn my midi skirts with heels before? It's truly a mystery. Because I love this look.

lace shirt: Forever 21
cami: Old Navy
skirt: H&M
shoes: thrifted
necklace: really old...possibly a gift?

I really love the 50s vibe that this skirt/heels combo provides...but I also like how the lace top is just edgy enough to keep this outfit modern. Especially from the back...quite a bit of my back is visible, since the cami comes down so low and the lace is...well, lace. And see-through.

I'm afraid though that this top may be on its last legs. The last time I pulled it out of the washer, I noticed some elastic threads poking out. Ah, well. I guess that's to be expected with an $8 top, right?

On an unrelated note, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented with suggestions and encouragement on my last outfit post. I definitely got some inspiration from your comments, so I think I'll give those boots another try before I sell/donate them! You guys are truly awesome. Thanks, everyone, for reading :)


  1. This is probably my favorite outfit I've seen you in yet!

  2. ohhh that shirt is SO pretty! You look lovely

  3. That's really cute. The silhouette flatters you immensely.

  4. Love the outfit! The skirt is super flattering and the shirt is super adorable.

  5. I'm scared to wear midi skirts without heels, because I'm a shorty, but this looks really nice. I like the lacy pink top to, it's a little edgy but still totally feminine.

  6. Love this look! It's very vintage-inspired and feminine :) Lovely!

  7. I have no idea how I haven't come across your lovely blog yet. Happy new follower here!

    PS. You look phenomenal in this outfit! That skirt was made for you ;)

    Now excuse me while I go catch up on all the other posts!


  8. you look so classy lady!! totally love the outfit!


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