Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belated holiday outfits

So my life is finally starting to resemble something close to normal again. That's good. This weekend seemed a lot longer than last, even though they were both three-day affairs. Maybe because I wasn't travelling across half the state and was actually able to get some things done. Go figure.

This includes re-shooting the holiday outfits that I never took pictures of, out of forgetfulness or sheer exhaustion. You'll know the reshoots because I'm not wearing makeup and my hair is wavy in all its air-dried glory ;)

shirt: old, don't remember; vest: New York & Company; skinnies: Forever 21; belt, boots: Target
#1, worn to a Christmas party thrown by my friend Allory and her boyfriend a few days before the holiday.

credits: see here
#2, worn to dinner with Matt's parents, his sister and her fiancé on Christmas Eve eve. Yes, I pretty much repeated this outfit from early December...only I swapped the necklace for a belt under the cardi. What can I say? I love this outfit.

sweater tunic: old, don't remember; skinnies, bracelet: Forever 21; flats: Target
#3, worn at Christmas Eve with my immediate family, and that evening with Matt's dad's side of the family.

shirt: thrifted; skinnies: Forever 21; boots: Old Navy, Christmas gift from my mom; necklace: The Limited; bracelet: Forever 21
Reshoot of #4, worn Christmas day with Matt's mom's side of the family and that evening with my mom's side of the family. Doesn't my mom have great taste? Loving these boots she got me :)

shirt: Old Navy; skirt: The Limited; necklace: Forever 21; tights: Target; booties: Burlington Coat Factory
Reshoot of #5, worn the Tuesday after Christmas at my dad's family's party, where we talked about my blog for a while and I felt awkward because I always forget that people I know in real life sometimes read this thing. Which is kinda funny. (Hi Luke. Lol.)

So there it is! I have a ton of 2011 outfits left to post, including my stepping-outside-my-fashion-comfort-zone New Year's Eve dress. Kind of excited to show you guys that one. But for now, I'm running a bit late for work. Of course. Ta ta!


  1. Love the third and last outfits! You look great in them. Glad that you had a wonderful time with family. It gets awkward when people from your family or friends circle suddenly start discussing your blog. lol i always feel so embarrassed even thought they all say good things about it!

  2. Thanks :) I'm the same way. I start blushing like crazy, haha!

  3. I love the red skirt outfit. And the blue with the yellow cardigan looks great on you.


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