Friday, January 27, 2012

Fiscal Fridays: Random budgeting tips

Well, no one wrote in with questions about taxes. And since I don't really consider myself an "expert," I'm not going to sit here and walk you through the huge process of filing them. I will say this: if you just have simple return (regular W2, even if it's more than one of them), use TurboTax's online filing system. It's super easy, and it's free. But don't use them for state taxes; it costs extra and if you do it online through your state's website, that's free as well. It's a little more complicated, but I was still able to do it last year without any problems. And if I can do it, well, anyone can :)

Since I didn't have anything else else prepared for today, I'm just gonna throw you a random link. Apartment Therapy posted this pretty cool piece a while back about 100% realistic budgeting. Honestly, I've covered a lot of this stuff before, but I'm so wordy, and this version is so concise, I thought it'd be fun to share.

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