Thursday, January 26, 2012

January sponsor post: Raych of Marriage by Design

Wow, is it the end of January already? I suppose time flies when you're having fun so busy that you sometimes forget to eat. Anyway, it's time for my monthly sponsor feature. Today I present to you, Raych of Marriage by Design. I love Raych's writing style—a little random, a little flow-of-consciousness, a little silly—remind me of me, haha. And girl has some serious style, of course!

Toldja. That dress! Those tights! I seriously want to steal this whole outfit.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! I’m Rachel but everyone calls me Raych. I have a Husband who travels to crazy parts of the world for work and two puppies that won’t leave my side. We just moved from a Texas sized house in Houston to a closet sized apartment in Manhattan. Best decision ever.

When did you start blogging? What inspired you to start a personal style blog?
I started blogging when we put an offer in on our first house. The blog first started as a home décor blog but morphed into an “everything” blog pretty quickly. There was more I wanted to talk about. So now I blog about whatever floats my boat! The blog name was a struggle. I wanted something that didn’t pigeon hole me into a particular topic (I have no attention span). Husband mentioned ___ by design. I liked the by design part but couldn’t think of anything to fill the blank. I think marriage ended up in the blank because there was already a ‘Rachel by Design’ out there. Pretty boring story actually.

Favorite thing about the blogosphere?
I love all the inspiration and ideas that come from reading blogs. Especially now with Pinterest, I can just pin all the great ideas instead of accumulating a billion bookmarks. I also like how easy it is to communicate with other bloggers and make bloggy friends.

Least favorite?
People can get catty really quickly. Thankfully, I haven’t been the victim of the drive by snarky comment, but I’ve seen other bloggers get torn down. It makes me sad when I see crap like that. There’s enough room on the Internet for all of us.

What are your favorite stores to shop at?
My favorite stores for clothes are mostly vintage shops in Omaha: Scout Dry Goods, Flying Worm, and Second Chance. The larger chain stores I love are H&M, J. Crew, and Target. I also buy a lot online mostly from Etsy, Gilt, and Rue La La.

Say your closet was being made over, What-Not-To-Wear-Style, and you only got to keep one item of clothing. What would you pick and why?
the one thing I would keep in my closet would be the vintage white dress [pictured below]. Its my absolute favorite thrifting find.

Any advice to new bloggers out there?
Blog because you want to blog not because you want to become super well known or make it a career. People can smell lack of passion a mile away. Do what you want to do, write about what you want to write about and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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