Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blogging fail

Well, this week has turned out to be way busier than I thought. Between cookouts with friends, movie nights, working on our garden, and trying to get through the first Hunger Games book again before the midnight premier tonight (squee!!!), I've completely failed to have an outfit post ready for yesterday OR today. And since the thought of going two full weekdays without a post kind of makes me antsy, I'm going to the good old blogger standby: Pinterest.

This dress would be so fabulous for summer!

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

If we ever get some actual spring temps this year, I'd want to rock something like this.

How gorgeous are these suitcase shelves??

Totally diggin' this look from Sorren of Classic Noise.

Ditto this incredible dress, styled by Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

This is gonna have to go in my kitchen, to match my melted record bowls.

And the obligatory funny meme pin:

Come back tomorrow for a spoiler-free review of the Hunger Games movie! Complete with photos of anyone there who's dressed up. Can't wait to see people's costumes :)


  1. I'm eager to hear your review of the movie. I'm definitely going to see it over the weekend.

    And what's my favorite blogger Emily doing on your site?! What a fun surprise.

  2. Ahh Pinterest is a blogger's dream! Totally want to see Hunger Games - believe it or not, I've never read the books!

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