Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plan B

Sometimes, outfits just don't work out. Like yesterday, I wore a dress with a white Oxford layered under it and a belt. I was getting ready to take my outfit photos when I turned to Matt and asked, "Does this make me look pregnant?"

Naturally, he got pretty wary right away. I assured him it wasn't a test, and I just wanted to know if I should refrain from taking pictures. We agreed that I did, in fact, look a little preggers. So even though I wore that dang outfit all day, it'll never appear on the blog. The outfit I changed into, however, will likely show its face around here in the next few days.



lace shirt: Forever 21
cami, shoes: Target
short-sleeve Oxford: New York & Company
skirt: thrifted
necklace: The Limited

This outfit here is another great example. I was so excited to bust out this lace top again, as I haven't worn it on ages. But once I got it on, I noticed that there were little strings hanging off of it...everywhere. At first I just tried to trim them down, but then I realized that the shirt itself (which is made of this elastic-y, stretchy material) was unraveling. So, with a heavy heart, I took some photographic evidence and put the shirt in the trash. Sad.

The Plan B outfit wasn't bad, per se, but I spent the whole day thinking about the shirt I had to toss. I guess that's what happens when you pay eight bucks for a shirt at Forever 21. Rest in peace, lace shirt. You will be missed.


  1. Sometimes things don't fit right and look bad on us. Oh well...

    Sorry about the lace unravelling. That's sad.

  2. Boo that really sucks about the shirt :( You look great in Plan B though :D


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