Monday, March 12, 2012

Gorgeous weekends and rainy Mondays

Ah, Monday. Thanks for being here to greet me with drizzly, dreary weather after such a beautiful weekend. No really. That made getting out of bed this morning sooo much easier!

Actually, I guess I really can't complain. I had such a lovely weekend, not even this rainy morning can really get me down. Friday night comedy shows, Saturday laziness, and a gorgeous Sunday spent sleeping in and playing outside makes for a fabulous weekend. And we capped it all off with a fun cookout Sunday evening with the girls upstairs and a few other friends.



cardi & skinnies: The Limited
shirt & belt: thrifted
boots: Target

The forecast for this week is calling for plenty of warm days, mostly in the 70s, and even a few sunny days thrown in for good measure. So I'm kind of sad to say that this may be one of the last time my Target boots (in any of the three colors I have, haha) appear on the blog. I think that's the only downside of with skinnies kind of have to go on hiatus.

Boots with shorts, on the other hand, may still be an option.

What about you? Any styles you're sad to leave behind as winter begins to draw to a close?


  1. I totally wore my latest pair of target boots with skinnies yesterday because I'm not looking forward to parting with them. Their days are numbered. Love the outfit by the way :)

  2. I totally have the same cardigan and boots. My boots are just a lighter color. I'm very sad that boot season is ending. :o(

  3. your hair looks great like that! I am looking forward to pairing my boots with my dresses and skirts as spring comes around. We also had a beautiful weekend and shitty weather today, boooourns

  4. This weekend was amazing! Glad it was pretty out then and that now it is super nasty. I love your yellow cardigan, and don't say goodbye to the boots yet, there are still plenty of spring time dresses & skirts to wear them with :)

  5. I think I'll also be putting my boots towards the back of my closet soon... However, around here we can be surprised with snow-fall as late as mid-april (it HAS happened before...) so I won't be putting them away just yet!

    But yeah, this weekend was such beautiful weather! Your yellow cardi is definitely perfect for spring!

  6. I adore the mustard color of your cardigan! As for me, I'm actually looking forward to ditching the coats and sweaters for spring and summer clothes! The only items I may be semi-heartbroken to leave behind are my boots! xo


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