Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Green

It's Everybody, Everywear time again! Which means my photos were taken and edited in a hurry this morning before work, and I probably definitely have goofy faces in some of them. Hooray! (Except for that last one. The last one is golden.)



green chambray: Banana Republic
t-shirt: Old Navy
skirt, belt, heels: thrifted
necklace: New York & Company
bracelet: street vendor in NYC

You may notice that I'm outside. For the first time in months, I was able to take my photos outside. And you know something? I'm not wearing a coat to work today. Not even my lightweight spring trench. Because it is B-E-A-YOOOTIFUL outside and it's gonna hit 70 degrees this afternoon and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!


That's what spring does to me.

Want to hear a funny story? Well, as some of you may know, I have ridiculously vivid and random dreams on a fairly regular basis. Last night, I dreamt that I was talking to Spazzy (my cat, to you EBEW newcomers). That's actually a fairly common occurrence in real life. But in the dream, she talked back. In Jane Lynch's voice. Jane-Lynch-Spazcat and I had a full conversation. And the weirdest part was, I thought to myself, Wow, this is the coolest thing ever. I'm definitely awake right now. Wait till I tell everyone!

Yeah. Weird.

Green: Everybody, Everywear


  1. New reader thanks to EBEW - I just had to comment because I love your cat story, it is hilarious, I could almost picture Jane Lynch giving voice to a cat!

    I really like the skirt you have on and how you paired it with the green shirt!

  2. Isn't it the best feeling when you can begin taking outfit pics outside and not worrying about the strange looks you'll get when you slip out of your coat take a few pictures while trying not to shiver and then putting it back on? I love this time of year for exactly that reason. And you're right that last picture is golden - so adorable. - Katy

  3. I have dreams like that sometimes. I woke up and was SO mad at my friend for hitting on me because he knew I had a boyfriend. I got all the way to lunch time before I realized I had dreamed the whole thing and that he had definitely never walked into my bedroom and taken off his pants. ;)

  4. Haha, that's awesome. Gotta love weird dreams! Congrats on the warm weather and a face that looks SUPER cute and not at ALL goofy in these photos :)

  5. HAHAHA Awesome dream! You're so cute in these pictures, you definitely don't have any goofy faces :) Love the green!

  6. I love it! The dream, that is. Love the outfit too, but until that skirt can talk, the dream wins!

  7. That's amazing- I wish my cats could talk back- I sometimes wonder what their voices would be- too funny! I love your skirt with the pop of green shirt- very springlike (I'm the same when it's warm outside- I feel like skipping!)

  8. Love that skirt with the apple green shirt! The cat dream is pretty awesome too. I wish my cat could talk. And sing opera. That would be so cute!

  9. Love your green chambray and skirt. A perfect combo. You look so chic and stylish. :)

    Cathy@Fashionable Dress and Discount Uniforms


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