Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Friday and more bloggiversary celebration

It's been AGES since I've done a Food Fridays post. This one is actually pretty basic, but grilling season is upon us so I figured I'd post it. But first, a quick 10 things for the bloggiversary week.


1. Get married (also: have a family)
2. Buy a house
3. Write a book
4. Own a motorcycle
5. Visit a different country (that’s not Mexico or Canada)
6. See the Northern Lights (also: Grand Canyon, a redwood tree, the Pacific Ocean, Mount Rushmore, various touristy sites in Europe)
7. Be in a friend’s or sibling’s wedding
8. Run a marathon (or at least a half)
9. Fly first class
10. Meet someone famous

And now, the delicious meaty goodness that is one of my favorite meals of all time: Steak and potatoes.


Of course, we paired it with asparagus because that's one of the few vegetables that I really love. This isn't really so much of a recipe post as a "how we threw this together" post, but those are my favorite kinds of meals anyway. When we grill, Matt always handles the meat and I take care of the sides. Cooking with him is fun :)

We started by cutting the potatoes into bite-size pieces and boiling them in water for about five or ten minutes to partially cook them. Then we drained them, patted them dry, and laid them out on a baking sheet. I drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic powder, rosemary and thyme, and tossed to cover. Then I threw them in the oven at 350 degrees.

Next, I made the compound butter. It's a really easy and delicious way to dress up a steak a little. I popped the butter in the microwave in five second increments until it was just softened, then mixed in some A1 sauce with a fork. I really wanted to add chives, but alas, we had none. Anyway, then I laid the butter out on some waxed paper and kind of rolled it into a tube shape. I failed to take a photo of this, but I'll probably do a separate post on compound butters someday anyway, so it's okay :) Then I just popped the tube into the freezer.

Next was the asparagus. I always make this the same way: Just trim off the bottom inch or so of the stalks, wash well, dry, and spread out on a baking sheet. I drizzle them with this really fabulous Arbequina olive oil I got at the Giant Eagle Market District, sprinkle with salt, and toss to coat. As I popped them into the oven, Matt threw the steaks on the grill and worked his manly grilling magic.

After about 15 minutes, everything was ready! And man oh man, it was so, so delicious.


  1. Emma! I'll help you with 5,8,9,10 :) haha
    5. Let's go to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, any of the above. :).... we can get #9 with luck/frequent flyers. #8 - Run the full marathon with me this starts in June! #10 - I've had some luck meeting some, lol... I'm good at writing publicists too :) hehe

  2. thanks for sharing this!! looks really yummy! :):)


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