Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bloggiversary week continues!

I was driving home from a friend's house last night and I got to thinking about just how dang cheery I was feeling. And how completely miserable I felt last week. And I realized that I never properly thanked everyone who commented on my gloomy posts with words of encouragement. So I would like to officially and heartfelt-ly say thank you. It's kind of silly how kind words from near-strangers (or in some cases, folks who I've never actually met but still consider friends) can mean so much...but I want you all to know that they really do.

Okay, serious moment over. I took these photos last month, when we were in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave. Now we're back to normal early-spring temperatures, and I'm shivering while taking outfit photos in the morning. But for these photos? It was gorgeous.



shirt, skirt, belt: thrifted
collared undershirt, necklace: New York & Company
shoes: Target

I really need to properly iron this skirt before I wear it again. Anyway. The bloggiversary week continues with more fun facts!


1. I am addicted to Mountain Dew. No lie, my Dew habits are borderline disgusting. I drink it every day. (Sometimes twice a day. Wow, that was kind of hard to admit.)

2. I’m a really picky eater. I like to tell people that I am a “super-taster” (yes, they do exist) and that’s why I can’t handle spicy foods. Like, not even a little spicy. Pepperoni sometimes makes my mouth burn. I also can’t stand most vegetables, which is why the side dishes for all of my food posts consist of potatoes, asparagus, corn or a simple salad (and usually, I don’t even enjoy most salads unless they’re drenched in dressing).

3. I still have a bit of a spending problem. I never really wanted to own up to it here, but it’s a rare week that I make it all the way through without going overbudget on my Financial Diet. Some weeks I do stay within my allotted amount, but others I go a teensy bit over. Every once in a great while, I go quite a bit over. I am WAY better than I used to be, yes, but it does still happen. I can’t help it, because…

4. I’m insanely impulsive. And yes, it’s gotten me into trouble on many occasions. The older I get, the easier it is to keep myself in check, but sometimes I just say “screw the consequences” and do whatever-it-is anyway.

5. I curse like a sailor. So really, I don’t say “screw the consequences” as mentioned above, I say…well, you get the picture. Again, I keep it in check on the blog for the sake of professionalism (this thing is on the internet for everyone, including future potential employers, to see), but if you ever meet me in person, prepare your ears for a slew of very un-ladylike language. Unless of course you are my employer or something like that. I know when to keep my tongue in check.

6. I sometimes let depression/anxiety get the best of me. Though this isn’t really so much of a confession, because I wrote about it last week. Oh well. I almost wrote “I’m secretly lazy,” except I’m absolutely not and I hate to be idle. But I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety for nearly 10 years now, and even though I’m no longer on meds (yay!), I still sometimes succumb to it because it’s just plain easier to give in than to make the effort to fight.

7. I daydream constantly. Sometimes it’s goofy things, sometimes it’s sad things, sometimes it’s completely mundane. I play out random little scenarios in my head all the time. I’ve been known to talk to myself on occasion. Sometimes I answer myself.

8. I never thought this blog would make it to the one-year mark. Monotony has never suited me, and I initially assumed that after 12 months, I’d find blogging my daily outfits monotonous. Not so. In fact, it’s become quite the opposite; I fear I’m actually addicted to blogging. I can just see it now, I’ll be doing it as an old lady, when no one is interested in reading my ramblings anymore, just for the sake of getting my thoughts “out there.” I’m guessing I won’t be the only one, at least.


  1. I love your cheery yellow sweater and floral skirt - very springy!

    And I am so with you on the picky eater front - it's gotten better for me over the years, but I have such a hard time with veggies!

  2. 1. have you tried greens with more flavor for your salads? lettuce/spinach are kinda plain. Try arugula. Its kind of has a pepper taste. I prefer it to most other greens in salads.

    2. I swear up a storm too. I think the 'f' word has appeared in my blog 13 times.

    3. Mt. Dew rocks my socks. I can't keep it in the house or I drink it all.

    4. Happy Bloggiversary!

  3. #2 You should try plane carrot sticks, I'm not sure why but they totally opened my eyes to the world of delicious veggies.
    #5 I am also a mega curser, boyfriend has to give me the evil eye when we are dining and there are kids around before I reign it in.

  4. Oh yes. I swear too. I dated someone for a seriously long time who grew up in a family that didn't mind using the f-word. Sooooo I kinda got used to it and now it's engraved in my brain. If I'm feeling a strong emotion - whether happy, excited, angry, upset - I can swear up a storm.

    Your outfit is so cute! That skirt is super pretty and the shirt screams spring!

  5. What a beautiful belt! Really dashing.

    Love learning more about you. It's okay to talk to yourself -- as long as you don't get in an argument. :)

  6. Congrats on the bloggiversary! And on that freakin' cute outfit. :)

    I, too, have a bit of a sailor's mouth...and I think it surprises people. My husband used to be in the Navy...and I can make his sailor self blush with the words I string together. But I'm like you! I don't put it out there in written form where future employers or young kids could come across it. And I always wait for a new friend or acquaintance to make the first swear...and then I can, too.

    I'm relieved to read that other bloggers curse, too, but just don't give it screen time. It makes me feel a bit more regular. :)


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