Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls' night

I wore this last week for a mini girls' night with my friend Allory. We caught up over margaritas at this great place in the Short North. I'd been looking for an oversized men's shirt for a while, and finally found this shirt at a thrift store a month or so ago for a dollar. Score!

Another score? My success at re-dyeing these pants. That's right, I bit the bullet! I used a box of black RIT dye and our washing machine to color these pants one of the upstairs neighbors' shirts. I was super nervous; I love these pants, and didn't want to ruin Kate's shirt, and we don't exactly own our washing machine (hooray for rentals), so there was a lot at stake here. But it turned out beautifully! The clothes look great, and a few "test" cycles of the washer using some crappy old towels got the machine clean enough to not stain our other clothes. Win.



shirt: thrifted
pants: The Limited
shoes and hair clip: Target
necklace: H&M
bracelet: Forever 21

Oh, and speaking of going out for girls' night (circling wayyyyy back here), guess what's coming up. It's Bloggers Take the Town! That's right...don't forget to come back here or to Take Me for a Twirl on Monday to link up your going-out outfits!


  1. Gahh I love this outfit! You look so cute! That thrifted shirt was an awesome find :)

  2. I've been thinking about re-dying a pair of black pants i have....glad to hear yours turned out so well!


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