Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Schedules and botched DIY

As I type this, it is 9 pm on Tuesday night. I can barely keep my eyes open, as I've been starting at a computer practically nonstop for more than 12 hours today. Because for some reason, I decided that keeping two low-key freelance gigs going would be a good idea. And for the most part, it really is. But not when they have deadlines on the same day, during my first week at the new job.

I'm a girl of schedules. I like planned routines. I like order. I've had none of these things this week, and it's wearing me the heck out! Of course, deadline day is tomorrow, and I sent off one of the projects tonight, so I just have to whip up 500 words before 7 pm tomorrow for the other project. Thank god for telecommuting and time zones, amiright?

Okay, enough crazy person rambling. Here are some before-and-after shots of some drawer fronts I made. I'm not doing a tutorial, because the whole thing is pretty janky. Thankfully, you can't see just how sloppy this project is unless you open the I'm the only one who knows the extent of this project's dirty secret!


Basically, I started with a Cubeicals unit from Target, with three of the matching fabric drawers. But Spazzcat, the little brat that she is, decided that the drawers would be her own personal scratching posts. At night. And it wasn't quiet. She actually would manage to pull the bottom drawer open with her claws, then proceed to yank out every single cami I own and spread them throughout the house. Something had to be done.


I basically took some pieces of particle board, painted them, attached some cute drawer pulls from Lowe's and nailed them to the front of the fabric bins. There are some crosspieces on the inside of the drawers to keep the board front stable (and so the nails wouldn't eventually rip through the fabric), and they're pretty ugly. I'll probably wind up repainting the fronts as well, but that's a story for a different day.

So. We've all botched DIY projects, I'm sure. What have you screwed up? Were you able to save face at least on the outside, like with these drawers?

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  1. The other day, I was going to hem a really cute skirt I thrifted. BAM it is about 6 inches to short now.


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