Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aveda's Earth Jam Fashion Show

Phew. I'm back!

And, as promised, I have some coverage of Aveda's Earth Jam Fashion Show that took place on Tuesday night. This annual show benefits Central Ohio Sierra Club's Clean Water Campaign, raising money for local programs through ticket sales and a live and silent auction. (I entered a raffle to win a GIANT basket of OPI nail polish and other mani/pedi goodies. Fingers crossed!)

Anyway, the main event was a fashion show featuring models styled by students at the Aveda Institute here in Columbus. The show wrapped up with models styled by the folks at Nurtur the Salon, the Aveda salon that I've been frequenting for a couple of years now.

1 crowd

Nurtur was kind enough to give me a press pass that gave me access to the seating area by the stage, which was great for watching but not so awesome for a non-professional photographer like me. So advance apologies for the quality of these photos. And with the video at the bottom, stick through the first bit. The outfits and hair get a little easier to see after a bit :)

3 wigs

Overall, I thought the show was pretty cool. The theme was Color ReVision and featured Aveda's new Full Spectrum hair color line. Just check out these vivid hues:












Well, there you have it! Any favorite looks?


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing! I love how hair can be an art form just as much as clothing and style. it's the best accessory because there are (clearly) so many options! This event looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Do you have any more of the red group? Or the blue group?

  3. @lehetmenni Unfortunately, these are pretty much the only photos that turned out and weren't ridiculously blurry :( Someday, I'll have DSLR that can handle low-light shooting. Until then, my point-and-shoot does its best :)


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