Monday, May 14, 2012


For some reason, I am having the hardest time waking up this morning. Probably because I pretty much owned my to-do list this weekend. Visit with my grandma, work in the garden, clean house, laundry, visit Matt's mom, edit blog photos, work on my friend's wedding invitation...I did it all AND managed to sleep in a bit both days too ;) No wonder I'm so pooped.




shirt, heels: thrifted
blazer: Target
skirt: The Limited
necklace, earrings: InPink

It's kind of funny, but one of the more difficult things about getting acclimated to my new job (besides learning about all the intricate policy that my agency covers, of course) is figuring out how to dress more professionally. At the magazine, pretty much anything went; I wore my pink skinnies to work on a Tuesday and nobody batted an eye. Now, I have to dress a little more conservatively.

I think this outfit was a pretty good one, in terms of balancing my style with a conservative dress code. Even when I took the blazer off for a bit, this T-shirt was still a little dressy, thanks to the details on the arms. Or if not dressy, it's at least not just a plain T-shirt. Eh. I call this a success.

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  1. Red skirts make every office outfit more fun. I think you look appropriate but every office is different.

  2. you look fabulous darling! What about doing a 30 for 30 work edition? If you were stuck it could help boost creativity...just a thought

  3. I would agree that this outfit is a success! Love that skirt on you :) It's the perfect way to add colour that's not too "in-your-face".
    Also, I feel the need say again that your hair rocks.


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