Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm still having the hardest time getting adjusted to a set routine or schedule with the new job. See, I'm a girl of planning, of scheduling, of consistency. Sure, I like a bit of spontaneity now and then (who doesn't?) but for the most part, I like to plan. And after three and a half weeks, I still haven't quite gotten into a swing when it comes to daily tasks like working out, blogging, showering, etc.

So my life still feels a bit hectic. I haven't gone to the gym in more than a month (sadface). For a while I was blogging at night, but I really prefer the whimsicality that my morning posts have. At night, my brain is on overdrive and I think too much about what to say. So now I'm trying to get up earlier, which is hard because I am the most un-morning person ever. This morning, I stood in front of my closet for ages because I just couldn't make my brain work hard enough to pick out an outfit. What I finally decided on—a pinstriped pink Oxford with my gray pencil skirt and black heels—still feels a bit off to me, but I'm so tired I frankly don't care. That's why I have a backlog of outfit photos, right?



blouse, skirt: thrifted
heels: Franco Sarto via Marshall's
necklace, earrings: InPink
bracelet: H&M
hair flower: Target

I don't know what I'm doing in that last photo. I guess trying to show off both my nail color and jewelry?

I have a very real love/hate relationship with this skirt. On one hand, it's cute and pink plaid and has a great shape. On the other hand, it's an extra small and squeezing my butt/thighs into it is usually a battle. I tried to have my grandma sew in a zipper to make the getting-on process easier (cause once it's on, it feels fine), but she couldn't. Alas. At least this shirt is a bit easier to deal with. And just as cute.

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  1. I love the whole outfit! The skirt totally rocks - it doesn't look too tight at all. Keep wearing it!


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