Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homecoming and asymmetry

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but Matt travels a lot for work. Most weeks (and by that I mean nearly every week), he's off to some random part of the country for two to four days. For the past nine or ten months, I've pretty much lived alone during the week, though he's almost always around on the weekends.

Until now.

Matt quit his job, effective next week, and he just got back from his last-ever trip with this company last night. I've gotta admit, it's pretty exciting to know that he'll be home every night. Woot woot :)



cardi: The Limited
t-shirt: Old Navy
skirt: New York & Company
heels, necklace: thrifted
bangle: secondhand

I was really excited to be able to style this cardigan for spring. Like many offices, mine is absolutely freezing. So wearing a light sweater when it's above 80 degrees out isn't actually all that crazy.

This bangle was one of many sent to me by Loren. Wanna know something weird? They only fit my left arm. My right wrist is just a smidge too big for them to squeeze on. Actually, my right foot is nearly half a size larger than my left, now that I think about it. Guess I'm just not symmetrical.

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  1. My feet are the same! My right foot is bigger than my left. It's very annoying! But I love the look. And that's great Matt will be home more. It must be hard for him to be travelling all the time.

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