Wednesday, June 20, 2012

End hiatus



dress: secondhand
cami: Old Navy
shoes: Target
earrings, necklace: gifted

I've returned! I'm making some changes here around the blog...namely, posts that focus more on photos than words, because I'm so long-winded and really, that's only fun for me to write, not for you to read ;) Also, I will probably be posting fewer work-related outfits and more hanging-out-type outfits.

Also, I went shopping! At stores that weren't thrift stores! I bought several pieces of clothes that have never been worn by another person :) I'm pretty excited.

This dress is from my friend Allory. She cleaned out her closet a while back and gave me a ton of dresses. I didn't know if I'd like this one at first, but I kind of love it. It kind of shows off the girls a little too much, so I borrowed this layering-under-a-maxi-dress idea from Sydney. Thanks for the inspiration, girl!


  1. LOVE your dress.... and your hair! As always :)
    I vote don't cut out the "long winded" posts completely! Those are just as good to read as the posts full of pictures :)

  2. naww! Your welcome!! Happy to see you back and blogging full force, look at you just full of inspiration! love it!

  3. This dress is lovely on you! I love the flowers along the border. I just bought a black maxi dress too, and I think it might be my new favorite item in my closet. I think you'll find loads more ways to wear it.

  4. You look fabulous in that dress!! Such a pretty look :)

  5. Welcome back! The dress looks terrific.

  6. Please don't cut back to much on the wordy posts. You photos are inspirational, but you are also a charming writer!

  7. I agree with the longer posts. I enjoy reading your writing. I was at Saver's over the weekend and got great jackets. I am calling it the laid off woman's Macy's;) I found my mom's birthday gifts there too. Love the outfit.


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