Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoe woes



shirt: Old Navy
vest: thrifted
skirt: The Limited
heels: DSW
necklace: Forever 21

Oh, these shoes. I love them, but I also kinda hate them. I bought them to wear in my sister's wedding next month, off the clearance rack at DSW. They felt a teensy bit too big...but I figured a size 10 really wasn't that much different from a 9.5, and there weren't any smaller sizes left, so I just went for it. For $30, it didn't seem like a big deal.

Except the damn shoes just don't fit. Now, I'm pretty terrible at walking in four-inch heels to begin with, so when they're ill-fitting it's an even worse scenario. I've stuffed lamb's wool into the toes, added a heel insert and a stuck in a ball-of-the-foot-slidy-preventer-thing. And while they do technically stay on my feet, I have to walk reeeeeeeally slowly in them.

I figure, for the wedding it won't be a big deal. All I have to do is walk semi-slowly down the aisle, stand up there for a bit, then walk semi-slowly back down (with a groomsman to support me, no less). After that it's just posing for photos, then I can kick these puppies off and switch to some comfy flops. It's a shame these don't fit better, though. They're pretty damn cute.

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  1. I've learned my lesson with shoes, and now I buy them about a half-size too small. They always stretch to a stupid size and I'm stuck with my feet falling out. Now it's painful to break them in, but once they're broken in they're perfect.

    Those shoes are cute though, it's a shame :( Just take your time and walk REALLY slow :P


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