Wednesday, July 11, 2012




shirt: don't remember
skirt/belt: set from JCPenney
shoes: Target
necklace: The Limited

For some reason, I've always devoured a good book. And I mean that in as literal of a sense as I can. I don't just read books; I consume them. Even as a kid, I could get lost in a book for hours at a time. I always maxed out the library summer reading program prizes. I was a voracious reader, until I hit high school and college and forgot what it was like to have more than an hour — or less — of "down time" in any given day.

Now, I'm working one job, not two or three. I don't have homework, or rehearsals, or meetings. And I've been devouring book after book since I got a Kindle for Christmas. I just finished Game of Thrones (I know, a little late to that bandwagon) and as I read the final words, I sat back with a satisfied sigh and just kind of...digested it. And it struck me as a little funny that I reacted the same way to ending a good book as I usually do to finishing a delicious meal.

Any other bookworms out there? I can't be the only one who gets so invested, right?


  1. uhhh yep! Fellow book worm right over here!! It's (once again) too bad we don't live in the same city, my half-off friends and family discount at the book store would really be great for you!
    great outfit PS

  2. As much as I like your outfit, I love your poses. Very playful.

    I'm also a voracious reader. I consume magazines in large quantities.

  3. I love getting lost in a good book, but haven't in a while. Most are you know, Harry Potter, but they make my heart melt so I just can't help it. I really need to find a new series to love though...


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