Friday, July 6, 2012




shirt: The Limited
cardi, shoes: thrifted
Bermuda shorts: New York & Company
necklace: gifted

If I were a superhero, I'd be The Procrastinator. My power is to put off everything that can possibly be done later, and even some things that can't. Then, at the very last moment, I somehow manage to pull it all together into a pretty good, if not awesome, final product.

And that's exactly what I was doing last night and will be doing for the rest of this weekend. That, and taking photos of some outfits I wore this past week, and slowly sweating to death in 100-degree weather and an air-condition-less house. And reading Game of Thrones. I just started it...and it's awesome. Hope you all have an interesting weekend (if slightly less weird than mine)!


  1. Oh man I LOVE those shorts on you!! you look awesome! I can be a HUGE procrastinator too - especially with blogging. I don't know why! It's frustrating :P

  2. Same here, procrastination seems to be going around like an epidemic! Great blog though!


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