Friday, August 10, 2012

I know how to change a tire



sleeveless button-down: New York & Company
maxi dress: secondhand
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When I was a teenager, I was a...let's say...not so awesome driver. So yeah, I learned how to change a flat tire pretty darn quick. So when I got to Lowe's last night to pick up some spray paint (for a keep-me-busy-while-Matt's-gone project), and discovered I had a flat, I was annoyed but not panicked. Yeah, it sucked that I bumped a curb and blew out the wall of my tire beyond repair (I guess that says I prob needed new ones anyway). But I had a spare in the trunk and the knowledge to fix it. What I lacked, however, was a jack and a tire iron to get the lug nuts off.

A really nice guy in the parking lot let me use his jack, but unfortunately his tire iron didn't fit my lug nuts (what?!). So I sloooooowly drove my car over to the NTB next door, where they promptly told me it would be 20 for them to change my tire. I asked to just borrow their equipment, but they said no.

Long story, short, my car insurance has roadside assistance. Instead of the 60+ minutes that it usually takes to get help, someone showed up in about 15 and got me all set up. For free. Of course, by that point it had started raining. So when I finally got home, I went straight to the fridge, popped open a bottle of wine, and went to work.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I didn't post last night because a bottle of green apple Riesling and a few episodes of Modern Family just seemed like a better idea :)

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  1. Charming story. Glad it worked out alright. Relaxing with vino and Vergara was the right choice.

    BTW, sorry again about the age error. It's easy to assume you're older 'cause you're so mature. In a good way.


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