Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today's fail brought to you by...technology

So I was super excited to announce the winner of the Jada's Jewels giveaway today...but it seems that technology has failed us. We're having some issues with Rafflecopter and the two mandatory entry methods, and with the whole sign-up-for-the-website-using-a-special-URL thing. I emailed the people who somehow managed to enter without doing both mandatory entries, and am still trying to figure out how Rafflecopter let that happen. (Franziska and Christa, check your emails por favor.) And in the meantime, the Jada's Jewels folks and I are working to confirm the website signups. So hopefully, I'll have a winner posted before the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

And since I don't want to completely suck this week (after a Pin-spiration Monday fail and completely forgetting to do my Food Fridays post at the end of this week), here's an outfit, too. Woo?



t-shirt: Old Navy
skirt: H&M
flats: Target
necklace: Figleaf

It's been getting a lot colder here the past week or two, so this outfit might be my last bare-legs/warm-weather one for a while. Super sad about that. While I love fall fashion (layering and boots and sweaters!) and other fall things (cider and chai tea and Halloween!), I really, really hate the cold. A lot.

But fall also means a new season of all my shows...I have quite a lineup this year. How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, New Girl, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, all my favorite animated sitcoms like Family Guy, South Park, etc., and finally maybe a few new shows. The Mindy Project, anyone?

(Don't judge me by the vast amount of TV I watch. Usually I'm multitasking while watching. I work on blog stuff, or watch while eating dinner, or I hang out with the girls upstairs and we make a girls night of it. I promise, I'm not a total couch potato!)


  1. grrr technology, the worst! Outfits are always a good way to turn a blog post around lol. No judging on the TV thing, my family and I just got into Parenthood. OMG addictive.

  2. Some of my favourite days are sitting in front of TV watching endless shows or movies. Being a couch potato can be totally awesome sometimes. I don't watch any shows except for The Office on a regular basis but I'd really like to watch Modern Family more often, and I would have liked to start The New Girl, but I totally missed the first season :(

    I, too, hate being limited by the cold! Bare legs are gone for good this year and it makes me a little sad...

  3. I do not like winter at all! I watched the Mindy project and liked it. So funny. I am an Amazing Race fan so excited about that starting soon!

  4. The second best thing about September (after my birthday, obvi) is that all the shows are back on! Greys tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


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